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Our Profile

NOVELTY IMPEX was founded in 1992 and has been manufacturing sealing products from more than 30 years. With profound technical foundation and abundant production experience, Novelty Impex has developed its own brand of "NOV", which enjoys good reputation in both domestic and overseas market. Research and Development is one of the most crucial driving force of growth and success of NOV.

Located in Sun City- Jodhpur in Rajasthan State, we have an excellent geographical site and developed transport advantages, which provide strong support for the development of Novelty Impex.

NOVELTY IMPEX is a leading global manufacturer and exporter of fluid power hydraulic and pneumatic seals, wiper seals, o-rings, rod and piston seals, guide strips, bands and spiral, bearings and other custom high-performance rubber and plastic parts from a wide range of materials which include Polyurethane (PU), Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), Nitrile Rubber (NBR) and Fluoro-Elastomers (FKM), FRP.

As market demands for special products NOVELTY IMPEX have taken initiative for manufacturing Bearing/ Guide Strips, Spirals and Wear Rings. Springs (Special Grade) for Energized Seals.

NOVELTY IMPEX is a highly innovative and technologically focused company committed to providing its customers with the best sealing solutions in the world. Customers new to the company are often surprised that NOV Seals not only designs and delivers products more quickly than other companies, but that our leading engineers and industry specialists work directly with OEM and maintenance-and-repair customers. Together, they improve product designs and materials that substantially increase reliability and outperform stock products.

We have exhibited our products in world’s recognized International and more than 50 National Exhibitions thru out the world like PTC Asia 2015, Bauma Expo- India , Excon Show , Conmac, Intec, StoneMart, National Vendor Development Programme at Jaipur, Bokara, Dhanbad etc.

NOVELTY IMPEX is an ISO 9001 accredited manufacturer. We operate worldwide with a number of major international companies - renowned for their commitment to engineering excellence.

We are an associated member of Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers' Association (IMTMA), Fluid Power Society of India (FPSI) & others.

The Products are being exported to a large number of European countries, USA and Canada, Australia, UK, Russia, Middle East, East Africa, South Africa, South East Asia and New Zealand, China.

NOVELTY IMPEX uses the most advanced software for various applications and parameters.

  • Advanced production technology for fast-reliable-quality products
  • Well-structured R&D division for Material Science and Design Development
  • Uses all the quality management tools such as Kaizen and Lean Manufacturing to increase flexibility, productivity and provide customers with a high quality on-time delivery.
  • Optimizing current design range for top performance 
  • Simulating customer-specific conditions

Dedicated to family. Driven by excellence.

NOVELTY IMPEX is family-owned business. In fact, our ownership and management consist of second and third generation family members, and many of our employees have been with our company for over twenty years.

That means you work with true industry experts who completely understand your environment. More importantly, it means you’re empowered by a friendly, knowledgeable staff who can tackle your most demanding challenges-on time, every time. Don’t take chances with your rotating equipment. Rely on the pride and experience of NOV®.