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Excon 2015- South East Asia's largest construction equipment & construction technology trade fair, Bangalore

About The Event 
Investments in Infrastructure is key to India's sustained Growth and this has been the guiding principle behind all policy initiatives / interventions by the Government of India. The Planning Commission foresees India's Infrastructure spending to be in the range of US $ 1 Trillion for the 12th plan ( 2012-17).

Confederation of India Industry (CII), India's premiere industry Association presents Excon 2015 - the 8th edition of Excon is scheduled to be held 25th - 29th November 2015, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.

In this exhibition, we will be presenting new range of seal kits, Bearing/ guide strips, spiral and guide bands, PTFE energized seals , springs, Turquoise sheets, . Our new range of springs of special grades for energized seals and PTFE material is a fit-for-purpose solution designed for dynamic sealing applications, offering many benefits of use such as:

  • Improved wear resistance
  • Improved heat transfer
  • Increase in mechanical strength
  • Improved extrusion resistance
  • Improved low friction
  • Increase in thermal conductivity

Our PTFE material is enhanced by our deep technical, blending technology and testing expertise, which enables us to engineer unique, custom sealing solutions. Glass, bronze, graphite, special additives and fillers are used to provide an even wider range of performance characteristics.