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Mining Industry

For over 23 years NOV Seals have designed, developed and manufactured hydraulic seals and bearings for the mining industry creating a wealth of knowledge and experience which is unsurpassed worldwide within the field of specialised mining applications. Mining Industry needs reliable and robust sealing solutions, matching with requirements of demanding applications and severe working conditions.

The current range of sealing materials includes nitrile rubbers, rubber and fabric compounds, thermoplastic elastomers and unique bearing compounds, all proven in mining applications worldwide.


In addition to its extensive range of standard catalogue products, NOV provides a complete service for the design, development and manufacture of seals for OEM and existing equipment refurbishment applications.

  • Long Wall Roof Support.
  • Tunneling Machines.
  • Roof Bolting Machines.
  • Excavators.
  • Scoop Trams.
  • Road headers.
  • Cutting Machines.
  • Shearers.
  • Shuttle Cars.
  • Drilling Machines.