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A worldwide partner for guiding and sealing systems for hydraulic and pneumatic solutions

NOVELTY IMPEX present you with an individual, innovative and special range of guiding element as guide strip, spirals and guide bands for hydraulic solutions according to customer requirements.

We have been concentrating our efforts on manufacturer and development of non-metallic, environmentally friendly, low frictional and long-running composite bearings since last decade, after lots of research and development by huge amount of investments , resulting into a leading manufacturer in the field of composite bearings in INDIA.

Guide elements perform the task of locating the piston and piston rod in the cylinder, absorbing any side loads that arise and preventing metallic contact between the sliding parts.

Non-metallic guide elements are becoming increasingly popular as substitutes for the conventional metallic guides, offering a range of advantages that traditional solutions are unable to match. The result is increased functional reliability, longer service lifetimes and cost optimisation.

The assortment emphasis are guiding systems (guide rings/ guide band NG-B, Spirals NG-SP, Strips NG-WS), made of Fabric-base laminate - inserted into hydraulic cylinders.