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Technical Specifications

Description & Advantages


NS-219 Valve Stem Packing comprises an assembly of parts made of PTFE,PEEK and Special material Spring. It has several lips  to with stand large extrusion gaps, potential misalignments, and rough surface finishes

  • Good abrasion resistance
  • High sealing capability
  • Excellent media resistance

A material's physical properties - resistance to RGD/ED, performance life, and media resistance. These are a few of the critical evaluation factors and performance parameters considered in material selection, ensuring service appropriate compatibility and the ability to meet operating requirements.


Technical Data


Operating Conditions


Temperature  :  -35°C ~+ 230°C

Pressure      :  15.000 psi / 160 bar

Media        :  Hydraulic oils (Mineral oil-based)      




Material             :  Virgin PTFE + Special Metal Spring + POM +PEEK