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General Assembly Information

There appears a lot of problems because of incorrect assemblage of hydraulic and pneumatic sealing elements. It is vital that assemblage rules should be obeyed in order to make successful applications in hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders.

  1. It is very important that the entire system and the fitting area should be cleaned out. There should not be any dirt and foreign particles in the area (for example, chip).
  2. Before fitting, the measures of housing and the seal, radii, the chamfer and the surface quality must be checked  and cleaned out. The burrs on sharp edges are very dangerous.
  3.  The cleanliness of the sealing elements should be checked.
  4.  All the sealing elements should be installed after being oiled with system oil. Oiling with grease should be avoided.
  5.  Installation tools with sharp edges should not be used.
  6.  Uncontrolled heating of sealing elements before fitting is Further dangerous.
  7. While testing the cylinder after fitting, there should not be out of specified measures of pressure, temperature, linear velocity etc. given in our catoloque. 
  8.  In case of carrying out final procedures (ie. Painting), the heat over 80 degree C should be avoided.